Bake Your Cake Classic Swedish Princess Cake


Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra Black Forest cakes! This is Day 24 of my October Ink Challenge: Yellowjellover, which is #inktober52/#inktober2020* + #linktober2020 + #love. I’ll be posting my work every day, so please keep an eye on The Cake | us vs reality ! Here’s day 24: “Puppet” + “Musical Instrument” “Then, the Evil Wizard condemned him […]

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Niantic vs. Niantic: Pókemon Go and Wizards Unite

Arkin Cisneros In 2016, a major phenomenon in the geek way of life took place: the release of Pokémon Go (PoGo). As I’m sure you know, PoGo is all about getting people to mindlessly wander perilous streets by luring them with an appealing range of digital, non-existing creatures. In Professor Oak’s words: “Wonderful!” The premise […]