Bake Your Cake Raspberry Fairy Cake

Happy 100th birthday, Ray Bradbury! Let’s celebrate with a piece of cake!

Enrique Bonilla Back in 1920, in Waukegan, Illinois, the Earth, Mars, and the whole Universe witnessed the birth of a man whose fiction work would motivate a generation to explore the vast and rich outer space. Most importantly, it would inspire generations to come to be a better version of themselves. One hundred years ago, […]

Black Forrest Gump Cake

Classic Movies Cake: 1930-1959, Sci Fi

Enrique Bonilla Morales “Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood stillBut he told us where we stand …” … “Science fiction (uh uh) double featureDoctor X (uh uh) will build a creature …” … Sorry, I could not resist the singing. Now, back to the regular article. As I stated in Classic Movies […]