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Modern Family: The Struggle Against Existential Silence

Alexis Ibarra Ibarra This is the version in English, para la versión en español da click aquí. Modern Family, a multi-award winning TV show, is one of my favorite series. This sitcom presents the happy life of a middle upper class, multidiverse, happy American family that faces absurd situations mainly caused by a series of […]

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A Little Cake of a Secret Bakery

Adjani Gama Dessavre We recently wrote about our favourite Disney movies in the first Bakers vs Bakers edition (follow this link if you have not read it: bakers-vs-bakers-best-disney-movie). While searching and trying to pick the one, I went through memory lane and found two treasured movies from my childhood: The Secret Garden (1993), and A […]

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[Poké] Bakers vs [Poké] Bakers

In this new segment of [Poké] Bakers vs [Poké] Bakers, we [tried to] pick our favorite Pokémon. You will get to know us a little bit better while we explain which one is our favorite Pokémon and why! We hope you like it! Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section! We […]