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Banana Birthday Cake: 40 Years of Donkey Kong!

Alexis Ibarra Ibarra This version is in English, la versión en Español estará disponible pronto. As many gamers know, Donkey Kong spent his 40th birthday alone. Sadly, Nintendo did not prepare anything special for poor Donkey, and that absolutely breaks my heart, just like when I read about Curiosity singing Happy Birthday to himself in […]

Classic Swedish Princess Cake

Mulaka: A “Cute” Game

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra This article is in English, da click aquí para la versión en Español. A few months ago, I bought Mulaka (2018) on Steam. Mulaka was advertised as the first big Mexican videogame that had the plus of telling a story based on the Tarahumara/Rarámuri mythology, a not-so-well-known mythology that deserves to be praised […]

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First PodCake: Darksiders

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra Ricardo Rico Hey, Cake Lovers! Our bakers, Ricardo and Alexis baked a Podcast (or should we say… PodCake) about Darksiders! This is our first Podcast ever! So please, suit yourself and have a slice! Since we made this PodCake in Spanish, Alexis baked an English Bread Pudding that summarizes all the things said […]