Right Out of the Oven

Banana Birthday Cake: 40 Years of Donkey Kong!

Alexis Ibarra Ibarra This version is in English, la versión en Español estará disponible pronto. As many gamers know, Donkey Kong spent his 40th birthday alone. Sadly, Nintendo did not prepare anything special for poor Donkey, and that absolutely breaks my heart, just like when I read about Curiosity singing Happy Birthday to himself in […]

Wolfwakers: un perfecto pedazo de pastel

Adjani Gama Dessavre Hace poco vi la película Wolfwakers y me enamoré completamente de esta belleza. Si no la han visto todavía, recomiendo que, ahora mismo, vayan a hacerse unas palomitas y disfruten de esta obra de arte. Wolfwakers es una película animada, la más reciente producción de Cartoon Saloon. Les voy a contar por […]

Wolfwakers: a Perfect Piece of Cake

Adjani Gama Dessavre I recently watched Wolfwakers, and I fell in love with this movie. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you make some popcorn and do so. Wolfwakers is an animated movie and Cartoon Saloon’s most recent production. I’ll tell you why I think it is magnificent. This movie follows the story of […]

Soul: A TERRIBLE Movie

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra Para la versión en Español, da click aquí. This is probably going to be a very unpopular opinion although I do not know for sure. I think Soul is a bad movie that did not deserve an Oscar nor any other prize. However, I am not surprised that Soul won considering that the […]


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