Bake Your Cake

Why I love monsters?

Enrique Bonilla Morales Monsters are not ordinary villains. Villains such as Gaston (Beauty and the Beast), Captain Vidal (Pan’s labyrinth) or Saruman (The Lord of the Rings) inspire hate and despite. You resent them since their first appearance on screen or the first time you hear them talk. Monsters, furthermore, inspire our curiosity and fear. […]

Happy Mexican Children’s Day!

A Special Issue to Celebrate Children’s Day in Mexico Today, April 30th, Mexico celebrates Children’s Day. All of us, The Cake | us vs reality bakers, decided to bake a special cake in honor of every geek kid out there, as well as our geek inner child. We have sweetened this cake with special memories […]

Bandido: The Dutch El “Chapo” Guzmán

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra Let me start stating something you should all know: Mexico is lovely. This country has a lot of bright and happy colors, sounds, flavors, and traditions. It has beautiful modern and colonial cities, traditional towns with lovely clay roof tiles, stunning archeologic sites and pyramids. On top, it has gorgeous warm-water paradisiac beaches […]

No End of the World During the End of the World

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra To Kill a MockingGeek is a HUGE stereotype hyperbole (NO WAY!) that talks about why Geeks are probably the best mentally prepared sector of the global population for facing the end of the world. It also explains why we are very likely to die first or, at best, die anyway. We are indeed […]


An English Breakfast Cup of Tea Special Issue Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra Years of geeky isolation have culminated in this trillion-dollar gourmet idea, which I reclaim as my intellectual property. First, there exist a mix of chips and trash food in bags that are called Munchies in the US and Paketaxo in Mexico. I don’t really know […]

Hogwarts Battle: A Wizarding Hit

Arkin Deric Cisneros Plarre Through the years the amount of Harry Potter themed paraphernalia has long exceeded the public’s level of interest. Board Games are not an exception. At this point, only the most die-hard, hardcore Potterheads are patient enough to play Clue v.28 Order of the Phoenix Special Edition (or whatever). Obviously, I am […]

Super Nintendo World: The Mushroom Kingdom Opens its Doors

Ranadardo What better way so start this blog series than with an entry about every (Nintendo) gamer’s dream: experiencing Super Mario World first hand, in real life. Yes, you read that right, you will be able to live inside your favourite Mario game at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan this coming Summer. That is, of […]


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