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The Cake | us vs reality

Collective Knowledge of Useless Pop Culture and [not] Cakes

Are we well-versed in what we talk about? Sometimes.

Are we important? Not really.

Will you always read unfiltered content with us? Yes.

A bunch of friends sharing their pop culture knowledge with the world.

We welcome you into our little parallel reality!

We hope you like it here!

Get to know our internationally-located bakers!

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra | A gamer with huge anime eyes and tiny hands. She is a writer and a visual artist. Alexis is also a Videogame, Pop culture, and Art researcher. She has an excrutiating obsession for cute stuff and psychopathology. People say she is adorable, but she is also weirdly comfortable around sarcasm, psycosis, and darkness. ❤

Favorite cake: The Chocolate Cake she ate three times in different dreams… (unfortunately, it was a lie, but at least she ate tons of it without worrying about calories).

Adjani Gama Dessavre | Petite and cute but you don’t wanna mess with her. She’s an artist that loves to write and play the piano, an unbeatable actress. A book worm with the soul of a dragon. Mathematician. Cat lover. Believer of dreams and the improbable. Also known as the Fairy Ninja Empress. Miau! ♪ ❀

Enrique Bonilla Morales | Data Scientist, DJ, Geek, and bread lover. He is as tall as Adam Driver and has a beard that would make a mediocre dwarf proud. He loves to Dance, listen to repetitive melodic music, read graphic novels, watch films, and has a strange fascination for top ten charts.⍣

Ricardo Rico | Video game lover, pro Magic the Gathering enthusiast, can read Tarot cards, Dungeon Master, 15-year old human monk, 300-year old dwarf druid, 30-something-year old human rogue, 200-year old ex politician elf thief, horror and monster movie fan, does something with finance, would prefer to do nothing but has to work to pay for his hobbies. Also memer extraordinare. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cinthia Rico | (Yes, we are related) Joyful Disney princess in disguise, overthinker, boardgame fanatic and craziest dreamer with a cartoon voice. Veterinary stubborn as a goat. Jukebox with legs. Has a weird fascination for fun facts and loves horror/suspense movies and books. ♣

Arkin Cisneros | Pop culture, art and tech enthusiast. He’s an easy going and chilled geek with love for all and hatred for none. During his free time, he likes to pretend he’s an engineer.

Favorite cake: He is a maniac that do not really care much about cake… but he likes White Chocolate & Blackberry pies.

Ranadardo |  Frog turned human (or is it the other way around?). Video & board game enthusiast, linguaphile, Whovian, Gizzhead, and Darwinist. Calls himself an engineer but is truly a big time nerd, vassal of the Geekdom and devotee of science. Trust in the River 🐸.

Favorite cake: Tres Leches.

Midnight Tea | The most mysterious baker of all. 👁👁👁

土星 Dosei | A gluttonous demon with a wicked sense of humour.



We will be baking a bunch of cute sassy little geeky cakes with love just for you!

All the avatars were created in Unnidoll for Android.