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Erased: Changing the Past

Midnight Tea

Translation to English by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

To celebrate the new image of this blog, I decided to write about a hidden jewel of suspense and time-travelling: 僕だけがいない街 (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) or Erased in English. This anime series (2016) by the studio A-1 Picture tells the story about Satotu Fujinuma, a frustrated manga writer that, in his present, works as a pizza delivery guy in order to survive. He lives a simple life while hiding a big secret: an exceptional gift. Satoru can time-travel when a tragedy happens next to him, so he can try to avoid them.  

Generally, the time-travels last only a couple of minutes, but a wave of cases of missing children in his hometown makes him recall old, repressed memories of his traumatic childhood. Satoru remembers that Kayo Hinazuki, one of his schoolmates, disappeared 18 years before and was the first one of a series of cases of missing children back then. Satoru starts travelling back to primary school in order to fix the past and avoid the tragic future that is now his present.  

The series has 12 episodes (22 minutes each) that keeps you hooked and at the edge of your seat. Little by little, 10-year-old Satoru tries to fix the past and the present while reviving the experiences of his timid childhood that eventually enable him to rediscover the importance of friendship.

With excellent animation, music, and story, this is the perfect opportunity if you are looking for something to watch this weekend. I strongly recommend it! Once you start it, it is impossible to stop! So, go and have a great marathon! Enjoy!

You can find it on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Gogoanime.

Have you watched Erased? Did you like it? Please, leave a slice of your opinion on the Comment Section below! The Bakers are always thrilled to taste your ideas!

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Featured image taken from AnimeGeek.

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