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Punk Rock Jesus: a vivid representation of USA’s (and the whole world’s) fanaticism and love for media

Enrique Bonilla

As you can imagine from the beginning, I don’t expect many people to be happy with this article. It has the words America and Jesus negatively referred in the title, and many people will consider what I wrote heretic. However, given the current political situation in the United States, and the fact that I just finished reading the book, it gives me the perfect opportunity to invite you to read and, most of all, learn from this magnificent Graphic Novel.

I’m not going to lie, the whole of 2020 I didn’t give myself the opportunity to read an entire book. I read many scientific and critical articles/papers, watched many philosophical movies (and studied them), and had great feedback and discussion with many brilliant people (mostly my brilliant wife). However, I never had the time to finish a book. I felt ashamed about that and decided to start 2021 by reading something strong, which could challenge my mind and convince me to keep reading through all the new year. Fortunately, I decided to read Punk Rock Jesus and found what I was looking for.

This graphic novel is written by Sean Murphy. It begins in the year 2019 when a powerful businessman launches the most profitable reality show in history: the birth and raising of the second coming of Jesus Christ, a cloned human called Chris. Forced to love religion and continuously assaulted by a world of greed and political interests, Chris decides to quit the program and joins a Punk band, where he spreads a new gospel: fuck religion and fuck society! Everything that real Punks believe in.  

This story is a strong reflection on the dangers of fundamentalism and the current problems of occidental thinking and capitalism. It’s not only the fact that many people are willing to die and kill innocents for a belief, but that everyone is ready to earn some good profit from it or watch it on TV! In a world where people can easily buy guns, where global warming is unstoppable, and humanity prefers to believe in magic rather than reason or compassion, what do you really think Jesus would do?

Punk Rock Jesus is a dystopia not so far away from our current world. It has very well written characters that constantly show you the different problems and perspectives of the occidental way of doing and believing in things. In this graphic novel, the reflections and social commentaries are so real and relevant that I wanted to write this article as soon as I watched the news. I felt that the way people reacted in the Capitol was just another image or chapter in the novel, something that would make Chris mad.

Image taken from USA Today

As a guy who was raised Catholic, I strongly recommend other Catholics, Christians, or people that belong to any other religious group (assuming that you are sufficiently open-minded to read something that attacks some of your beliefs) to let go of your first impression on this book and learn something from it. There is actually a positive message of how learning to love can make a difference in this world. The problem is not Jesus, or what he proclaimed, but how everyone seems to forget about it and fights for something opposite of what religions are supposed to believe in. They changed love and peace for some shit that no one really cares about and does more harm than good!

Punk Rock Jesus is not for everyone, but definitely something everyone must understand if we want a better world. 

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All other images were taken from the comic.

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