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Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

Pumpkin Pie lovers! This is Day 31 of my October Ink Challenge: Yellowjellover, which is #inktober52/#inktober2020* + #linktober2020 + #love. I’ll be posting my work every day, so please keep an eye on The Cake | us vs reality !


Here’s day 31: “UFO” + “Free 4 All”

Title: “Cute Little Alien”
Artist: Alexis Ibarra Ibarra
Technique: ink + color pencils {hand drawn}
Date: October 2020

This would be a really cool mini-game!


For this final artwork, I had to mix “UFO” (inktober) and “Free 4 All” (Linktober). I love this drawing because it is just so cute, so I really hope you enjoy it as well! Majora’s Mask UFO are just amazing! Imagine a mini-game free 4 all with Cows, UFOs, and Links! So cool! ❤ You can’t miss the extremely adorable Octorok I drew!

This was a really tough challenge to complete.

I am completely exhausted!

Thank you for following me and checking my daily artwork!

I’m relieved about this being the last drawing because I am running out of ink and many other art supplies (and energy, for that matter). Hopefully, I’ll find inspiration to write about something completely different soon… but for now, I just wanna sleep!

I really hope you like my drawing!

If you do, please follow me!

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What do you think about my artwork? Please share a slice of your opinion in the Comment Section below! I’ll be thrilled to read your comments!

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The (fan)artworks are owned by Alexis Ibarra Ibarra 2020 ©. Any intention to use them for commercial or advertisement purposes should be discussed with the author. All the rights of The Legend of Zelda are owned by Nintendo.

* I made a mistake and worked with the Prompt List of #inktober52, which is the weekly drawing challenge that goes all year round, instead of the October daily challenge of #inktober2020… I’m new at this, so I’m sorry! Still, I am happy with the results, and I’ll be attaching my artwork to the #inktober2020.

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