Bake Your Cake Classic Swedish Princess Cake


Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

Black Forest cakes! This is Day 24 of my October Ink Challenge: Yellowjellover, which is #inktober52/#inktober2020* + #linktober2020 + #love. I’ll be posting my work every day, so please keep an eye on The Cake | us vs reality !

Here’s day 24: “Puppet” + “Musical Instrument”

Title: “The Marionette”
Artist: Alexis Ibarra Ibarra
Technique: ink + flashlight {hand drawn}
Date: September 2020

“Then, the Evil Wizard condemned him to play forever and for no one in the middle of the Lost Woods: ‘Play, my little puppet! PLAY!”

For this artwork, I had to mix “Puppet” (inktober) and “Musical Instrument” (Linktober). I immediately thought of the Skullkid in Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess! I decided to draw a Deku Scrub that was turned into some kind of Marionette, suffering the terrible faith of imitating a Skullkid musician for the End of Times. He is doomed to play for free instead of selling stuff like any other respectable Deku Scrub! 😦 Poor guy!

I really liked using the flashlight with “La nascita di Zelda Illuminata” and I’m extremely satisfied with the result because that’s exactly the kind of lighting I imagined when I came up with the concept!

I loved drawing the magic strings moved by the invisible hand of the Powerful Wizard!

I really hope you like my drawing!

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What do you think about my artwork? Please share a slice of your opinion in the Comment Section below! I’ll be thrilled to read your comments!

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