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Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

Black Forest Cake lovers! This is Day 12 of my October Ink Challenge: Yellowjellover, which is #inktober52/#inktober2020* + #linktober2020 + #love. I’ll be posting my work every day, so please keep an eye on The Cake | us vs reality !

Here’s day 12: “Elephant” + “Mask”

Title: “Divine Beast Vah’Ruta Mask”
Artist: Alexis Ibarra Ibarra
Tecnique: ink {hand drawn}
Date: September 2020

SALE! This Legendary mask costs only 999 rupees!

For this artwork, I had to mix the ideas of “Elephant” (inktober) and “Mask” (Linktober). Well, as you should know… there are tons of masks in The Legend of Zelda but no elephant masks… so, just as I did with the Skulltula’s Bow, I designed a brand new item! The only elephant in the series is the Divine Beast Vah’Ruta, so it was easy to decide which elephant I should pick! XD I think this mask could make you grow, so you can stomp on people, or maybe you will be able to shoot water and rocks, and reach for stuff with your long elephant trunk! BTW, elephants are so majestic, but also so adorable and beautiful! ❤

A green hooded customer just bought it! Ö

Title: “SOLD: Divine Beast Vah’Ruta Mask”
Artist: Alexis Ibarra Ibarra
Tecnique: ink {hand drawn}
Date: September 2020

You should have made up your mind quicker!

Maybe next time!

I really hope you like my drawing!

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What do you think about my artwork? Please share a slice of your opinion in the Comment Section below! I’ll be thrilled to read your comments!

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The (fan)artworks are owned by Alexis Ibarra Ibarra 2020 ©. Any intention to use them for commercial or advertisement purposes should be discussed with the author. All the rights of The Legend of Zelda are owned by Nintendo.

* I made a mistake and worked with the Prompt List of #inktober52, which is the weekly drawing challenge that goes all year round, instead of the October daily challenge of #inktober2020… I’m new at this, so I’m sorry! Still, I am happy with the results, and I’ll be attaching my artwork to the #inktober2020.

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