Classic Swedish Princess Cake

The Magic of (Fall)ing (Guys)

Where I pretend to know about multiplayer online games, but I actually suck.

Ricardo Rico

I hate online gaming; I think the advent of required online multiplayer functionality for big videogame releases has hurt the creative industry way more than what it has helped. Now, you can expect every release to have a multiplayer system, which took development time away from actual fun game mechanics in the core of your product.

For a counterpoint to my own rant, multiplayer games that have been designed as multiplayer from the start have had my interest. I played Overwatch for about a year after its release every day, religiously, and always with friends. That is the key with these games, you must have someone to play with if you are as big as an introvert as I am. **Editor’s note (AI-I): As we all, the bakers, are.

Then, Fall Guys was released, a game that looks fucking retarded but fun as balls, so I had to try it out and, luckily, some of my friends already had it in their libraries. I was hooked immediately and have been playing almost daily for two weeks. I don’t think the addiction will last long as we all wish there were more maps available, but, once more maps are released, I’ll be coming back for sure.

I am here to give you tips on how to get started with this game. The game consists of a battle royal with different rounds where participants are being eliminated. The aesthetic is fantastic as it is just pleasant to look at, and there is no way to get mad at those cute designs. The objective is to be the last Fall Dude standing and claim that crown.

First, get a group of friends to play with. This is a necessity as playing against a group of 59 other people can be very frustrating. This way, you will have people to vent with, but be sure to sabotage your friends, even if it means putting yourself in danger. Only one can get that final crown after all.

Some maps can screw you and kill you out of nowhere, so, be careful. Slime Climb can be a pain if you screw up even once; Fall Ball and Egg Scramble both suck, since you totally rely on your teammates, and if they suck, you’re done. If you jump into the goals in Fall Ball, you will go back to the center, so keep that in mind for faster movement. The memory game is boring but do not trust anyone, some people bait you into falling (like me). Fall Mountain sucks, but you should be fine if you stick to the right… Still, fuck those giant balls!

Pictured: Slime climb being a bitch

That should be it for you to start your journey into falling cutely. I hope to see you there, and if you ever find Descend Person 4171, know that it was me, the one that dropped you to your death. Keep staying safe everyone. XOXO.

The death stare is disturbing tbh

Have you played Fall Guys? Please give us a slice of your opinion in the Comment Section below! We, the bakers, are always happy to read your opinions!

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Featured image taken from Vida Extra.

“Slime Climb” image taken from Ginx.

The last image is a screenshot of the game and was taken by Ricardo Rico.

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