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The RE3 Remake Experience

Where I actually did not love an RE game and talk about both its flaws and highlights.

by Ricardo Rico

I have talked about how Capcom has been doing a fantastic job of coming back as one of the better game studios that still develop games internally. Now, it is time to talk about a mixed bag release that I thoroughly enjoyed but is clearly rushed and noticeably unfinished.

I will start with what I did not love. The game is clearly got rushed to be released only a year after RE2 remake was released to hop on the success that it was. I do not think Capcom was wrong in the decision but in that it led to deliver a not as high-quality product. There is a part of the game that was just left out, the police station seems unfinished as, you know, they already had the assets from RE2. This makes the game a short experience for RE standards and lacks a bit of extra content.

At the same time, I hate games that take control from you constantly just for little cutscenes and the game is plagued with those. While action scenes are a staple from RE games, constant action detracts from the impact of those scenes to a point where you just want to be done with it. This is a problem I am having with The Last of Us 2 now.

On the other hand, the game sounds, looks and plays incredible. I played with headphones on and you could listen to everything trying to creep you out. The RE engine is still looking great and I don’t think Capcom will need a new engine soon to develop games, it was great for DMC 5, and every RE since RE7, can’t wait to see what a finished product RE 8 (Village is a stupid name and I refuse to call it that).

Controls are unchanged from RE 2 remake and they added a dodge mechanic which can make the game too easy if you’re not playing in Inferno difficulty, where you need to master this mechanic to beat the game as final phase Nemesis is fucking bullshit. You still switch between two characters, fan favorite Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira who only appeared in RE3 and hope he’s doing good in the RE universe. They play very similar except that they have access to different weapons and Carlos’ dodge is more of a counter punch that deals massive damage. The good thing is that if you learn the timing for one you should be fine for the other one.

I do recommend that you try this rerelease once its price drops a bit as I strongly believe that it is not worth paying the price of a full game for it. With that said I wouldn’t fault you if you bought it already, it is great to play, it just has certain characteristics that I’m not in love with. I think that is enough for now, I wish you a fantastic day and keep staying safe everyone.

As an added note, tonight, August 20th, at 6:00 PM GMT – 5 I’ll be doing a quick playthrough of the game on our Twitch channel, still undecided on the difficulty as Inferno is a bitch. Do stop by and say hi!

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2 replies on “The RE3 Remake Experience”

Hey!, just read it, I agree wholly with the Nemesis overusage. I think they were going for a Dahaka feel from Prince of Persia but it wasn’t crafted as well, since you couldn’t actually damage the Dahaka. I think the game was satisfactory enough but it started to lose the RE charm, kinda like what happened from RE5 to RE6, which I don’t think I’ll ever because of how boring it is to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read and we’ll be sure to check some of your stuff



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