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Interviewing Tremor: The Little Dinosaur Astronaut!

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

The first manned mission of the SpaceX came back last Sunday (August 2nd, 2020) after spending 68 days at the International Space Station! Many of you probably remember that the crew included an exceptional member, but only a few know that he started to prepare to go to space approximately 66 million years ago! We are obviously talking about the BRIGHTEST crew member: Tremor, the Apatosaurus, a.k.a. “The adorable dinosaur with sequins”.

Our staff was able to contact him right after his landing, and, because he is such a good plushie and friend of the bakers, he was more than pleased to answer some questions for The Cake: us vs reality. While his companions were still recovering, this adorable astronaut was ready for a little talk, proving that he is not only the most handsome, charming, and BRILLIANT member of the SpaceX mission but also the strongest one.

Tremor, the Apatosaurus, agreed to meet me at The Cake: us vs reality HQ, following all the safety procedures to protect ourselves from Coronavirus, to have a chat and have some delicious carrot cake at a safe distance! He loves carrots! I baked that delicious carrot cake you can see in the picture below!

I baked that cake! We followed the safety procedures and the only reason why we could be together was that I have been in quarantine for 5 months now… the harsh one. He was in outer space and didn’t have contact with anyone before our meeting (except for the NASA guys that disinfected EVERYTHING). Still, we wore masks and kept our distance! This is the best way to show mutual respect and love! ❤

Alexis: “Hi, Tremor! We haven’t seen each other for a while now! How are you? How are you dealing with gravity?”

Tremor: “RAAAAWRRRlexis! I’m RAWRRRRsome!!! The gRAWRRRRvity hasn’t been too RAWRRRRRful!!! AWR miss flAWting thAW!”

A: “That’s great to hear! I wanna ask you a couple of questions if that’s ok with you!”

T: “Of cAWWWWRRRseeee! RAWRsk. FAWRgive me fAWR my RAWRnglish, I LAWRned it AWR long time AWRgo and I hAWRve a tAWRgh AWRccent becAWRse that’s the dinosAWRR diAWRlect.”

A: “Don’t worry! We love your dialect! Now, you are by far one of the most prepared astronauts, just right after Earthy! You had told us before that it took you a little bit more than 66 MILLION YEARS to prepare for this exciting mission to the International Space Station! Could you explain to us what was your motivation to train for that long? We are friends, so I know that this is a hard topic for you, but, during these rough times, I think people need to realize that there is hope and that we have to try to give the best of ourselves to overcome the crisis we are living right now.”

T: “Rawrrr… It was a RAWgh time fAWR me… AWR lost my family the day the RAWRsteroid hit RAWRth… I stAWRted to RAWRsearch about the AWRter Space… I wanted to mAWRk a DiffAWRance and pRAWRvent other sad incidents. AWR used to WARcht the sky AWRnd wAWRnder why that mAWRssive RAWRck hit RAWRth… but eventWAWRly AWR found AWt that AWR had to gAW on, and AWR stAWRted to RAWRppreciate the bAWRuty of the cosmossss and the fRAWRgility of LAWRfe. I LAWRned ScAWRence, Physicss, AWRnd MechAWRnichs.”

A: “So, you overcame those difficult times and became a dinosaur of Science to understand the universe! That’s amazing! I have to ask this question since most of our readers probably think you are really young and that you don’t look as we usually picture dinosaurs! You are so shiny!”

T: “It’s tRAW, AWR had to use Science to change bAWdy! The TY cAWmpany helped mAW obbbtain mAW shinny bAWdy! AWR wAWnted a little BLING! But mAW knAWledge, mAW mAWnd, AWRnd mAW heAWrt AWRe the sAWme! MAW AWRncestAWRs AWRe AWRLways with me!

Baby Tremor after changing bodies with help of the TY company. Such a cutie!

A: “I’m sure your ancestors are proud of you!”

T: “MyAWR AWRncestAWRs’ SSpirrritsss wAWRe not AWnly on the FFFFirstt LAWRnch, but in AWLL offf them!”

A: “Really? How’s that?”

T: “… AWRil”

A: “Oil?!”

T: “YAWRssss! GAWSss, plAWstic, EvRARwhere!!”

A: “Oh… that’s true.. I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that…”

T: “It’s AWK! AWR like to jAWke AWbout it! YAW should have seennn yAWR face!”

A: “Are you really making jokes about this?!”

T: “RAWR CAWRse! Like my RAWRcenstAWRs that nAW AWre black AWnd Sticky!”

A: “Hahaha… You really like black humor…”

T: “CAWmedy isss AWnly tRAWRgedy AWver time!”

A: “You are such a dinosaur of contrasts! So adorable, BRILLIANT, and cute, and still, you love dark humor! You are really something, aren’t you? I wanna ask you about your research! How did everything go “up there” at the International Space Station?”

T: “MAW RRRRAWRsearch wasss successfAWl! I nAW know how to prAWtect AWRth fRAWm RAWRsteroids! Humansss deserve AW sseconddd chAWnce! Do thingss AWk thisss time!”

A: “That’s wonderful! Thank you for protecting us with your research! You are a really amazing dinosaur! And you are completly right, you will protect us from asteroids, but we do need to start making some changes! You are a hero “out there”, but we can be heroes “in here”! I know you are tired and that you want to visit your friends! So, I’ll just ask a final question! Who are you gonna visit first?”

T: “RAWRmember the baby dinosAWR that wass bAWRn in ssspace? I wAWnna see himm! RAWnd my mentAWR RAWRthy, AWs well! YAWR invited to mAW mAWriachi FIESTA AWfter the qWARantine is oveRRR!”

A: “That sounds marvellous! I’ll be there! I love mariachis! Sounds like that party will be really fun! Thank you so much for your time! I’ll bring some cake! We truly missed you!”

T: “WAWRneverrr yAWr wAWnt my FRAWnd! The cAWke wass delicious AWs AWLways! AWR just wAWnna say that yAWR must wAWsh yAWR hands AWnd use AW mAWsk! We didn’t, AWnd my family is nAW gAWne… Believe in Science, mAW FRAWnds! YAW can be herAWes! LAWve yAW!”

A: “I love you too, Tremor! You have a beautiful skin, mind, heart, and soul! Let me give you a long distance hug, my BRILLIANT friend!”

After a huge long-distance dinosaur hug, we parted ways. Tremor is a true fighter and has such a plushie heart! We’ll keep track of our friend’s career as we are sure that he will participate in very exciting and innovative research and missions in the future!

Finally, I just want to say that you heard this brave astronaut! Times can be tough and hard, but we have to keep going, learn, rely on Science to defeat these dark times and observe the beauty that exists everywhere around us! Try to take things with humor, wash your hands, wear a mask, stay home, and stay safe!

Remember that following the safety procedures against COVID-19 and staying home can save lives! Be a hero just like Tremor! ❤

RAWRsta la vista! ❤

Did you watch the launch and landing of the SpaceX? Was it cool? Yay or Nay? Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The bakers at The Cake are always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

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Featured image taken from toyworld.

“Baby Tremor” image taken from Amazon.

“Tremor and me!” photo made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with Avatar made by AI-I on UnnieDoll App for Android and a “Tremor” image taken from Amazon and a picture AI-I took from a delicious carrot cake that she baked! ❤

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