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[Poké] Bakers vs [Poké] Bakers

In this new segment of [Poké] Bakers vs [Poké] Bakers, we [tried to] pick our favorite Pokémon. You will get to know us a little bit better while we explain which one is our favorite Pokémon and why! We hope you like it! Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section! We have a lot of hearts on this issue, so prepare for love! ❤

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Adjani Gama Dessavre [Psyjani]

As a child, I remember playing Pokémon in the recess with my friends and playing some of the games. Also, I played Pokémon Pearl during college. My conclusion is that all these creatures are adorable! However, since I did not play more recent versions of the game nor Pokémon Go, I do not know them all by name.  As a child Togepi, Mew, and Psyduck were some of my favourites. I find Phanpy and Piplup adorable, and Lilligant is both elegant and cute. Let’s not forget Furret nor the versatile Eevee and all her possible evolutions. 

So who will be the winner for me? I think today my pick is Psyduck! My brother used to bother me when we were little saying I was Psyduck; now I think that was a compliment. Ok, maybe it wasn’t, but who doesn’t love an adorable and neurotic duck-like creature?! DON’T YOU LOVE A NEUROTIC DUCK?!!! ❤

Wife loves Ducks ❤…

Enrique Bonilla [Psyque]

I am not really that into Pokémon, but as a kid, I enjoyed watching the first two seasons of the cartoon and the first movie. Apart from that, I just played Nintendo’s 64 Pokémon Stadium, but that’s it. 

That said, I’d pick Psyduck as my favorite Pokémon. When I was a child I used to love him because he was cute and had a great hidden power, also I felt he was funny and a great comic relief for the cartoon. 

…Husband loves Ducks too! ❤ And husband loves his Psyduck Wife! ❤

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra [Pikalexis]




Looking at the complete Pokédex, I realized that I have no idea when 500 of all the Pokémon were added to the universe. I decided to try to pick only from the original 151 because there were so many cool Pokémon on the list! However, I only managed to reduce my list from 151 to 43 Pokémon… “You gotta catch ’em all”, right? 

Since I couldn’t say “[insert favorite Pokémon name here]! I choose you!”, I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to go with the basics and write a story about them! Jealous people will say that this is totally a rip-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. And IT IS, but this story is adorable and has fur and cake! ❤ But not furry cakes because eww!

I hope you like Pokétar: The Cutest Cake Slicer:

The Pokétar needs to learn how to evolve into all her possible evolutions!

“Pikachair! Firemander! Squater! Bulbasearth!

Long ago, the four basic and cutest Pokémon were all friends and lived together in harmony. Then, they had to share the most perfect and fluffiest Cake of all! :O

Only the Furriest and Cutest Pokétar, Master Of All Eight Evolutions, could slice that yummy Cake on completely fair shares. But when the time to cut the delicious and mouthwatering Cake arrived, the Pokétar vanished! :O

A couple of minutes passed, and I discovered that the new Pokétar, an extremely adorable and furry Pokémon named Aavee, was just playing on the backyard, and, although her cuteness is awe-inspiring, she doesn’t know how to evolve yet. She has to learn how to evolve into all her possible evolutions before she’s ready to slice that lip-smacking Cake, but I believe Aavee can cut it and save their long-lasting friendship!

Notes that should be considered the actual article because I wrote too many, but it was too late to change it (meaning, I was lazy, and the story above was ready and kawaii):

a) When I was little, for Christmas, my family got me an electronic life-sized Teddy Pikachu that lit his red cheeks whenever he said: “Piiiiikaaaaaa-CHUUUUUUUUU!” It’s amazing and so cute!!!! ❤

b) “Squirtle” sounds like the name of one of my favorite sodas: “Squirt” (grapefruit soda… not whatever pervs are thinking of right now).

c) I just love Charmander, he’s like a Fire Labrador! ❤

d) I just love Bulbasaur, he’s like a dino-plant with cute eyes! NO WAY! 😛 ❤

e) I love the Pikachu and Eevee customs that the Japanese wear for festivals and dances, they are so accurate and move like jello! ❤

F) < See what I did there? … 😦


g) My mom looks like Eevee ❤.

h) I used to like Jigglypuff and Butterfree when I was a kid… but not anymore, they look weird. Besides, there is only one cool Pink Marshmallow Ball: Kirby. [Edit: Ok… Just checked again, and Jigglypuff is really cute…)

i) “Surprised Pikachu” is the best meme! ❤

Me trying to choose one Pokémon in spite of my crippling anxiety. *Reduces the list to the 151 original Pokémon because that will help her choose by substantially reducing the options* Me when I realize I can’t choose anyway because I have crippling anxiety.

j) My cheeks: ❤

Isn’t he adorable!? ❤ PS: Please don’t die or he’ll cry! T.T (F again)

k) Lapras totally looks like the dinosaur in the sewers in Mario 64.

l) Porygon reminds me of the Polygon Stage in Smash 64.

m) Snorlax is Totoro. ❤

n) Mewtwo looks like a Dragon Ball antagonist.

o) I liked Staryu when I was little because of his rubi, but the main reason was that Staryu reminded me of these cookies:

Staryu looks so yummy!

p) Plus, Staryu also reminded me of the underwater enemies, “Spikes”, that fight you in “The Water Temple” in Ocarina of Time. Now that I look at the pictures… I really can’t tell why… 

Q) is for Poliwag is such a Qt! ❤

R) is for Reminder: Check my Art on Instagram (Yellow Jello: @hello_yellow.jello) and on Society6! If you like it, please follow me!

GL&TCH:// Piiiiiikaaaaaaaa Piiiiiiiikaaaaaaaaaa SHUUUUUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEYYYYYY!!!!!! //:GL&TCH OUT

Cinthia Rico [Polinthia]

Ok so, I couldn’t choose just one favorite Pokémon, buuuuut I narrow it down to 2 of them :3

My all time favorite, since when I was like 6 is Poliwag, it seems to me so cute, and adorable, and hugable, sooooooo cute :3 Also, it’s always so happy, dancing around and softly moving from left to right haha. But yeah, I actually imagine myself with my Poliwag being cool and dancing around, swimming and spitting water to whoever we don’t like. And maybe no one ever wants to see the Poliwags insides in the spiral hahaha.

See? A total Qt! ❤ SPITS!

ALSO SPITS! I think there’s a pattern here…

My other favorite is a massive dinosaur who can spit fire, throw rocks at you, and obviously will be overprotective af. Obviously a Tyranitar, I don’t why but my young self, always imagine a Tyranitar having my back, as if when ever I’m in trouble it’s going to be there. Also, can you imagine everyone making fun of me for being with my lovely Poliwag and those people getting their ass kicked because I have the next best companion with my Tyranitar? That would be awesome, and I love it!

Arkin Cisneros [Pidkin]

As always, it’s impossible to choose a single winner. However, this time I will take a chance and talk about one of my biggest failures as a gamer, as well as one of my favourite Pokémon.

The first time I played a Pokémon game (Pokémon Yellow, if you are interested), I got lost between the first and second gym, somehow. If you have played Pokémon, you know getting lost is relatively OK. BUT NOT AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE GAME!!! Anyway, I was somehow convinced that the only way forward was chopping down a tree. I had seen some of my friends do this with a certain skill, learned by one of their own Pokémon. In my 9-year-old mind, Mankey (a Normal/Fighting type) sounded like a good candidate to level up until he learned that skill… 

Although I eventually realised this was not the intended way forward, my overpowered level 95 Primeape and I had such a fun time defeating everyone, it became (possibly) my favourite Pokémon.

Mankey!!!! Let’s go bananas! BTW 9 y.o Arkin was so naive and adorable! ❤

土星 Dosei [Charmosei]

I didn’t really watch a lot of Pokémon as a kid, but I used to collect the cards and trade them, although I was always more of a Yu-Gi-Oh fan in that regard. 

I personally think the whole concept of Pokémon is kind of fucked up. It’s like space alien dog fighting. But because no one really dies, it’s apparently okay for kids?

Right… That’s TOTALLY ok…

Anyway, my favourite Pokémon is the big tubby Snorlax. He’s my spirit animal.

Snorlax loves Pikachu! ❤ Keep that in mind! 😛

Ranadardo [Ranadartle]

Ranadardo really wanted to contribute to this article, but Snorlax decided to sleep on the train tracks of the Deutsche Bahn (maybe 土星 Dosei materialized there?). The employees said a cow was on the tracks, but we all know they are lying! No Fake news here: we even have a gif below that clearly shows the Deutsche Bahn workers trying to clear out the tracks.

Ranadardo asked us to deliver you a message that comes from the bottom of his heart: Fick die Deutsche Bahn! ❤

Isn’t that a heartwarming message? 😛

Germans trying to clear the train tracks!

EDIT: The cow, no… Snorlax left the tracks, and Ranadardo made it home! Here’s his text!

I’m here for one thing and one thing only, to talk about my favourite Pokémon, the shadow fighter frog Gren…NANI?! 

You thought I was gonna choose Greninja just because it’s a frog, right? Well, you’re wrong. Although Greninja is very dear to me (mainly because of Smash Bros.), my favourite Pokémon is Treecko, along with its evolutionary line, Grovyle, and Sceptile. You may find yourself wondering what makes these Pokémon so special. 

Well, first of all, just appreciate the sass. Look at that attitude, those eyes saying “come at me, bro, I can handle you and a hundred more”. If Treecko were a person, it’d be the dude on a street corner wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, looking dope AF and getting envious looks from everyone. Well, maybe that’s not the best comparison, but you feel me, right?

Secondly, the overall design is sleek and sublime, these Pokémon appear so agile and swift I can imagine them dodging any attack that comes their way without any trouble. Additionally, Sceptile has a mega evolution, which makes it look even cooler than before, adding red stripes and a pointy tail that could intimidate even the toughest of legendaries. 

And finally, because gen 3, and especially the Sapphire version, is my favourite entry in the whole Pokémon series. And I have played EVERY generation released to date. Think about it, the first version in full colour, a compelling story (a behemoth and a leviathan fighting an eternal battle, I mean, come on, if that’s not epic I don’t know what is) and the many secrets and side missions make this game addictive and incredibly appealing for a young 12 year old. Ok, maybe part of it is nostalgia, but isn’t precisely that feeling what makes our memories that much better?

Anyway, here’s a picture, in case you ACCIDENTALLY forgot what these brilliant Pokémon look like! 😉

Hahahaha They still look like frogs to me! 😛

Midnight Tea [Bulbatea]

Midnight Tea is a very mysterious being. We do not know much about this creature, but we do know something now! :O

She owns a Pokémon… and that Pokémon, maybe also a Snorlax, maybe the same Snorlax, maybe 土星 Dosei (Staph!), ate Midnight Tea’s text. D:

The importart part here is that Midnight Tea is a Pokémon Trainer and that WE ALL LOVE SNORLAX. ❤

Isn’t Snorlax cute? BTW those bananas look delicious! :O Maybe he should share some with Mankey! Although I don’t think we will be able to convince him! D:

Ricardo Rico [Magicardo]

The Pokébakers trying to wake up Ricardo, so he bakes his text! 😛

Maybe Ricardo is also a Snorlax! ZzZZZzzZ! ❤

Awwww! ❤

Yay! He finally sent something:

There are several categories in which you can answer this question. Competitive, contest, mystery dungeon, design, per generation, you get the idea. I’m going with design though as I barely get to talk about this fabulous Pokémon. 5th gen is my favorite Pokémon generation and Lilligant is one reason for it.

So elegant and kawaii desune!!!

Just look at this fantastic design. While the poor girl (as Lilligant is only a female Pokémon) is not viable as a competitive option and its moveset kind of sucks, I can’t help but love the elegant design. The pompous skirt, the flower crown, the delicate movement akin to a dance. I just love when Game Freak cares and goes the extra mile on the details of design to make the Pokémon look like they have a personality.

This is just a personal taste thing as the Pokémon really doesn’t have anything to add to the competitive pool and its stats suck.

Who’s your favorite Pokémon? Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

If you liked this cake, share a slice with your friends!

Featured image by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with Avatars made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra in UniDoll Android App and 土星 Dosei in PetDoll Android App. Pokémon used in featured image taken from: Poliwag (Fandom), Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur (Custom Cursor), Pikachu (Pinterest), Psyduck (Custom Cursor), Magikarp (Pokemon), and Pidgey (Pokemon Pets).

“Psyduck laughing” image taken from Capital Gaming.

“Angry Misty” image taken from Reddit.

“Pokétar” image made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with Pokémon images: “Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur” image taken from Pinterest, and “Eevee” image taken from Fandom.

“Hug” image taken from Pinterest.

“Surpised Pikachu” image taken from Pinterest.

“Cute Pikachu” gif taken from Blogspot.

“Staryu cookies” image made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with “Cookie” image from a Youtube thumbnail and “Staryu” image from WikiDex.

“Polywag” image taken from Pinterest.

“Tyranitar” gif taken from Pinterest.

“Mankey” image taken from Pokemon.

“Eevee Goes to War” image taken from Facebook: Videogame screenshots out of context.

“Snorlax Loves Pikachu” gif taken from Giphy.

“Snorlax Sleeping” gif taken from Pinterest.

“Snorlax Eating” gif taken from Amino Apps.

“Treecko, Grovyle, and Sceptile” image taken from Quora.

“Wake up, Snorlax!” gif taken from Pinterest.

“Ricardo Snorlax” image made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with Avatar from UnnieDoll Android App and “Snorlax” image taken from PokémonGo.

“Lilligant” image taken from Bulbapedia.

Pokémon IP is owned by Pokémon Company International, Inc. and we do not claim any rights over their brands, concepts, ideas, and drawings (nor over the Fan Art).

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