Classic Swedish Princess Cake

Journey: A Cake for the Heart

Adjani Gama Dessavre

All our life is a journey, which, simultaneously, is full of little journeys in itself, such as the videogame: Journey. If you haven’t played it yet, then it’s time to give yourself a gift. This videogame is a beautiful and intimate experience that goes beyond words.

You start in a desert. You’re nothing but a little red figure; there is no one else, only a few sounds and a feel of immensity and loneliness. As you advance through the game, other sounds combine. And, you see your ancestors.

What is this journey about? Who knows? Let’s keep going.

After a while, you realize that, with few interactions and with a meaningful soundtrack, YOU are the traveller. Even if there are no dialogues, even if part of the journey seems to be quite abstract: it is YOU going through the unknown, trying to reach the mountain.

Journey is a game you should play with headphones because it will transport you into its world. The music is a key element for the videogame (composed by Austin Wintory); the art is beautiful. You’ll notice this videogame is about YOU going through life, and only, in the end, you might know what it is all about; only, in the end, you might be able to come back and help others. It is a videogame about our journeys through life. Even if we do not even know what life is, at least not really.

Why do we exist? We do not know, yet we keep going, and we keep getting to know ourselves in the process. This videogame is an intimate and profound experience with yourself.

Because it is so beautiful and such a personal experience, I will not say more, but that you need to play it. However, if you’ve already played it or you can’t and want to know what I am talking about, I recommend you watch the following video.

Be warned! If you have not played it, it is full of SPOILERS.

Today, I do not have much more to say, just that this is beautiful, and this game shows that there are things words cannot reach.

So go on and have a marvellous journey! ❤︎

Have you played Journey? Do you know what life is abour? Please share a slice of your opinion and introspective knowledge in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

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Featured image taken from Game Insider.

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