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The Unbeatable Squirrel Cake

Adjani Gama Dessavre

This article is a continuation of my opinion in Super Bakers vs Super Bakers: Best Superhero. In that article, you can also read the next introduction:

For this issue, I’ve decided not to include any magical girls or anime superheroes (so no Sailor Moon) and go for someone created on the pages of a comic book. So from all the pages of all the superhero comic books who did I pick? If you know me, you’ll start guessing something like the Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange, and that’s because I love powers that rely on the fabric of reality and the mind. However, even if these pals are on my top ten, the #1 prize goes to the unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Yes, you read correctly, Squirrel Girl! A completely different kind of superhero.

There’s a chance that you have not even heard about her. Well, she is a girl, she has a squirrel tail, can talk to squirrels, has the proportional strength of a squirrel, like jumping five times her height (ok, you get it, I’ll stop saying squirrel. Squirrel, squirrel, squiiiiirrel). And up to this point, she doesn’t sound all that fantastic or unbeatable. So what makes her so amazing? Her empathy, her compassion, her will-power, her intelligence, moreover, we need more people like her. 

Squirrel girl is on the intelligent spectrum of superheroes, she is studying computer science, for sure she is a strong independent woman. Also, she has a wonderful sense of positivity about life; she gets excited and truly loves the world, so her actions are not vengeance-driven. I mean, we all love a deep emotional suffering hero, however, sometimes we need someone to tell us we can do anything, we draw our limits, and we’ve got to believe in ourselves. We do not need a catastrophe in our life to bring good to the world.  And yet this is not what I love most about her. 

What I love most are her empathy and compassion, she does not go directly to punches; she tries to understand the villains as well, she tries to talk to them*, even if it doesn’t always work. In one of her adventures, she said to the Mole Man: “I accept the truth of your lived experiences, and I’m not going to tell you that your feelings are wrong”. That is just too powerful; she shows us it is not about vengeance and punishing, that everyone has their own truths and maybe we can rehabilitate people instead of just punching them. I need to repeat this: she ACCEPTED THE TRUTH of someone else’s experiences. Sometimes we do not get that from someone in typical situations, not even from people that love us. 

She is what this world needs: someone compassionate, empathetic, kind, yet ready to fight for the good in this world. Someone that will not give up on humanity because she still believes we can all be good and wonderful; and that, my friends, is what makes her unbeatable.

*Do you still think she is weak because she prefers words over punches? Here is a list of some villains she’s defeated: You know, just Thanos, Doctor Doom, etc. 😉 

Have you heard about Squirrel Girl? Do you like her? Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

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Featured image taken from FANDOM.

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