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Super Bakers vs Super Bakers: Best Superhero

THIS IS OUR 50TH CAKE AND WE CELEBRATE with this new segment of [Super] Bakers vs [Super] Bakers, where we [tried to] pick our favorite Superhero. You will get to know us a little bit better while we explain which one is our favorite Superhero and why! We hope you like it! Please share your opinion in the comment section! BTW, we have a lot of Spider-Man lovers!

Some of our opinions were too long for this issue, so we decided to put some texts in separate articles, you can find the links below the texts that had been summarized (Adjani’s and Alexis’ texts).

Enrique Bonilla [Quiquerine]

I had a hard time trying to decide which superhero I was going to write about. Although, as for many of you, my favorite superhero is Spiderman, I decided to talk about a Mexican pop culture  wrestler that fits the superhero definition, he even fought against Spiderman, along with Captain America* (wait what??) his name is “El Santo”! 

My dad, who grew up watching his movies, described him to me as the Mexican James Bond, a James Bond who fought against vampires, mummies, aliens, robots, other evil wrestlers, and more. He is the king of Mexican “B”-movies, and although their movies are not precisely cinematic masterpieces (El Santo contra las mujeres vampiro was even on an episode of MST3000), if you like to watch movies just for fun, you are going to have a good time. 

One of my dreams is to write a comic book or a movie script for a El santo movie. I would love to do an Alan Moore’s Miracleman but for this character, or, also, a modern tribute to the Luchadores Horror movie subgenre. So, Guillermo del Toro, if you are reading this, call me, we need to make this movie.  

Santo Contra la Invasión de los Marcianos (1967) – Mórbido Fest
Just look at those muscles!

*The name of the movie is 3 Dev Adam and was made in Turkey. 

GL&TCH //: “El Santo contra las Monjas” Coming Soon. GL&TCH OUT://

Adjani Gama Dessavre [Scarlet Witchani]

For this issue, I’ve decided not to include any magical girls or anime superheroes (so no Sailor Moon) and go for someone created on the pages of a comic book. So from all the pages of all the superhero comic books who did I pick? If you know me, you’ll start guessing something like the Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange, and that’s because I love powers that rely on the fabric of reality and the mind. However, even if these pals are on my top ten, the #1 prize goes to the unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Yes, you read correctly, Squirrel Girl! A completely different kind of superhero.

There’s a chance that you have not even heard about her. Well, she is a girl, she has a squirrel tail, can talk to squirrels, has the proportional strength of a squirrel, like jumping five times her height (ok, you get it, I’ll stop saying squirrel. Squirrel, squirrel, squiiiiirrel). And up to this point, she doesn’t sound all that fantastic or unbeatable. So what makes her so amazing? Her empathy, her compassion, her will-power, her intelligence, moreover, we need more people like her. 

Who doesn’t want to be a squirrel?! Doggos and Puppies always say hi to squirrels!

My text was too long, so if you want to read the rest of why Squirrel Girl is extremely cool, please continue reading here: The Unbeatable Squirrel Cake!

Editor’s note [AI-I]: Squirrel Girl is amazing! So, read the rest of Adjani’s text! ❤

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra [Wonder Womanexis]

I am not going to lie… This was a very long week for me. I have been working on so many projects that my head is about to explode, and my body just wants to lie down and die. So, I’m sorry, but I have to advertise myself after working so hard XD: please check my artwork at @hello_yellow.jello on Instagram and if you want to support me, you can find my artwork on Society6 (

Ok, now, let’s go! Who’s my favorite superhero? Without a doubt… [“na na na na na na na” X 6] + “na”… BATMAN! Come on, there is no one as cool as him! Yeah, Ironman is kind of “Marvel Batman”, and I really like him too; however, Batman is darker and has so many psychological layers and shades. What I love about both of them is that they are cynical antiheroes that acquired their powers because of their vast knowledge and huge intellects (and bank accounts, of course) instead of receiving them from birth, by accident, or from secret projects. I find heroes like Superman and Captain America to be incredibly dull since they have stiff personalities and ideals: they are just “too perfect” and never truly question themselves, they only do “good things”.

Cinco razones por las que Batman: Mask of the Phantasm es una obra ...
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN! Yeah… there are 43 na’s in the song!

My text was also too long for this issue, so if you wanna know the real reason why I love Batman continue reading here: Batman: The Damaged Hero that Embraced his Shadow.

I put a lot of effort on it, and it talks about very profound stuff, so please read it! ❤

Note: Wonder Woman, Hulk, and The Powerpuff girls are pretty cool too.

GL&TCH //: I hate Batman. GL&TCH OUT://

Ricardo[man] Rico

Who is the best superhero? This is a tricky question. Should he/she have superpowers? Should they be the best at something? Should they wish to make a difference? My answer is no to all of those. A superhero should be someone who does great things (sometimes for others) and makes you want to replicate those actions. That’s why my choice is a regular, dumb, assassin more commonly known as the Crownless King. Let me introduce you uncultured enough to not have played No More Heroes to Travis Touchdown.

Such a badass!

While Travis is mostly a selfish asshole throughout most of his games, after he became the #1 ranked assassin in the United Assassin’s Association (UAA), which may or may have been a scam in the first game, he renounced his title to pursue a life of slacking off. What he did not realize was that his journey through the rankings made him an urban legend in the new craze in the US, broadcasted Assassin Battles. With each new #1 ranked wanting to walk out as well but always getting killed before they could escape.

In the second game, he gets motivated by the murder of his best friend, ordered by a powerful businessman, who also happens to be the new #1 ranked assassin. You make your way up in a journey of revenge where Travis realizes that assassins should not be treated as entertainment and sets out to collapse the UAA as well as killing Bats Jr., the orchestrator of the murder. It’s at this point that Travis actually starts to gain the status of superhero. While he’s motivated fully by selfish wishes, he wants to change for the best the atmosphere regarding Assassin Battles.

Now, this year, hopefully, we’ll be seeing the release of No More Heroes 3, which looks like a complete satire of the hero genre and a deconstruction of how we should view superheroes. Of course I’ll be shilling the game’s trailer because I can only hope for the best for this release as it is the true comeback of Suda 51 to the writing, directing and developing seat. Feast your eyes in Travis’ comeback and I hope you join me in figuring out how he will finally clinch the title of Hero.

Ranadardo [Captain Americadardo]

Two possible reactions: 1) Who is he?! :O or 2) What?!? But… Netflix! D:

For those of you who have only seen the Marvel-Netflix collaborations, my choice might seem a bit odd at first. But if you have read the comics, then you will know that Iron Fist is one of the coolest and most underrated superheroes out there. First things first: Finn Jones’ portrayal of Danny Rand is not even close to how the character is depicted in the comics. Yes, he is a millionaire and runs a huge company, but no, he is not some stubborn hippie trying to “make up for Rand’s evildoings”. In reality, he is a smart, quick-witted young man with incredible fighting skills, but who is also very well focused and will do what is necessary for good to prevail. The way the character interacts with others in the comic and solves conflicts, shows a mature and well-balanced personality, rather than the childish and impulsive one represented in the shows.

Additionally, the universe surrounding the stories is so fascinating and intriguing that it makes you want to keep reading. This fantastic world includes ancient Chinese magic and mythology, talking dragons and evil sorcerers, but also engaging corporate trouble and street level crime. It would be a shame not to delve deeper into this varied and exciting world. I must say the TV series was on its right way to self-vindication when it was unfortunately cancelled.

If you want to get acquainted with the street-level hero’s story, I would recommend reading the Immortal Iron Fist run by Brubaker and Fraction. This thrilling comic book series is a fantastic way to get started in the mystical world of K’un-Lun and Shou-Lao.

All in all, I believe The Iron Fist is an underexplored but fascinating character that should get more love than it currently receives. I would love to see a new story with Danny Rand taking part in a fresh mythological conundrum.


土星 Dosei [Spidoseiman]


I have vivid memories from my childhood of watching Spider-Man: The Animated Series on TV before going to school. My mom and I would watch the episodes, while I frantically ate my breakfast and got ready to hop on the bus.

As a kid, who had an abusive dad and was bullied in school, the memories of watching Spider-Man with my mom were the only good times I can recall as an adult.

To me, Spider-Man was cheerful, a bit like All Might (My Hero Academia) with his laughter, and his witty retorts at the villains wanting to cause destruction and mayhem in the city he patrols, is iconic Superhero Bravado to me and personifies the larger-than-life attitude that makes him an icon to be adored.

As an adult, I tend to prefer heroes like Deadpool and Batman, which personify the absurd and the sombre, but Spiderman remains an interesting hero to me nonetheless. I like that Peter Parker still works a part-time job, because he isn’t making a fortune out of being The Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, and unlike the super-rich Batman, Parker has real problems like paying bills, dating Mary Jane, attending school, etc., all of which make him a relatable character.

Midnight Tea [Midnight Hulk]

It’s hard to choose a favorite superhero. To be honest, I am not a fan of superheros, because they represent most of the great things that everyone expects from someone “good”, but not in a realistic way. 

Maybe that’s why I would choose Spiderman for this task. He is just a kiddo who has been bitten by a spider, and suddenly he has this magnificent superpowers. The conflict between being an adolescent and going to school trying to have a normal life, while he is saving NY city is something to admire.

He tries to be good in the stereotypical way of being a hero, but at the same time he has real problems: failing exams or being shy with the girl he likes. For me, he is the best example that “ goodness” is a choice that everyone has to make every single day and not something that is implicit in our behaviour.

Not a fan of superheroes, but Spider-Man is a nice guy!

Cinthia Rico [Black Cindow]

Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the idea of superheroes! Even before reading comics, superheroes tv shows were a big deal for me hehe. And my favorite was The Justice League – but my favorite superhero it’s not from DC. My favorite superhero is our friendly neighbor Spiderman! I guess it’s mostly because I love the idea of a teenager who is super smart, clumsy and awkward that has super powers! And no guys, it has nothing to do with my boyfriend Tom Holland, this was way before him hahaha.

For me, the idea of a “realistic” character (aside from the spider-thing) is great. He is just a kid, and has teenage problems, crushes on girls, homework, and he’s also kind of innocent in some ways, but when he is in costume, he’s no longer worrying about himself, he’s worrying about what’s right (in his opinion). That’s what it is all about, our hero making his way through life! Good or bad decisions, he is just a kid and sometimes he acts just like that: a kid. Also, I’m in love with everything in the Spiderverse. Comics, movies, and characters, all are amazing! 

My hero! My boyfriend!

I’m still waiting for my moment to get enough radiation, hit by a meteor on my head or even my own radioactive spider (yay!).

Arkin Cisneros [Thorkin]

“Hahaha I think I’ll fail you :/ I don’t have any good idea :/” said Arkin.

After 20 minutes trying to convince him to write only one sentence, he said:

“Ok ok, I’ll think about something, and i’ll post it in max 8 hours.”

But he never did.

We were so perplexed until a long-bearded man recited these words full of wisdom: “I think he said yes, but sometimes I do not understand Arkin very well.”

Arkin is not meant to be understood, but we really wanted to change his name on the Featured Image from Thorkin to Dorkin. XD

EDIT: I finally did! But I deserve the above text. Below my actual text.

My favourite superhero is Batman. No question. However, for me not to be repetitive and to give this post a more interesting twist, I will write about one of the most power-full superheroes ever known: Jack-Jack!

With 22 confirmed powers and probably several undiscovered, the range of powers the youngest member of the Incredibles (actually Parr) displays is really something. What makes this character so lovable (other than being a cute baby) is that there is no conflict when using his powers. There is no right or wrong dilemma, no good or bad, just innocent bliss and a hilariously chaotic wreck. I would definitely watch a whole feature film about him, even if there was no plot!

Who’s your favorite Superhero? Do you know someone like Arkin? Do you like our 50 cakes? Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

If you liked this cake, share a slice with your friends!

Featured image by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with Avatars made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra on UniDoll and UniPet for Android. The Lego Superhero Figures IP is owned by Lego and not by us [of course].

“El Santo” image taken from Morbido Fest.

“Squirrel girl” image taken from FANDOM.

“Batman” image taken from Smash México.

“No More Heroes” image taken from Vida Extra.

“Iron Fist” image taken from Comic Vine.

“Spiderman #1 image taken from Amazon.

“Spiderman #2” image taken from FANDOM.

“Spiderman #3” image taken from FANDOM.

“Jack-Jack” image taken from ScreenRant.

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Those are great picks!!! In Tokyo, there is a subway station where the Astro Boy song sounds in the train when you arrive because the building of the studio that produced is there. And wonder woman is wonderful! Girl power!!!!


If Son Goku counts as a superhero, then I would go for him. However, if I have to go for someone from a comic book, then I’ll choose Batman or Ironman.

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