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PABLO: Cheese-Tart O’ Mine

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

Almost two years ago, I traveled to Japan with my sister and then went back to live there alone for a couple of months. After the first month of getting lost on purpose, I learned that if you walk down any street, you will always find a temple and a cake shop, which for The Cake | us vs reality are pretty much alike. Japanese love kawaii desserts and because of how dedicated and perfectionist they are, their pastries look and taste as flawless and lovely as in anime! You can find amazing cakes almost everywhere, but, without a doubt, one of my favorite ones are the absolutely superb Pablo cheese-tarts.

The first time my sister and I bought them, there was a super long waiting line, and the guys before us bought 24 mini-tarts (or maybe more). We thought they were throwing a party, but after the first bite, we realized their order was just for them: they were just so good!

Pablo is a franchise and, contrary to popular beliefs, this business strategy did not derive in poor-quality products (at least inside Japan). Far from it, Pablo being a franchise means that you can find heaven in many places and cities! I bought cheesecakes in both Pablo (Yasaka Shrine Mae, Kyoto) and Pablo mini (Shibuya and Akihabara, Tokyo). The only difference between them is that Pablo mini only sells mini cheese-tarts [tiny massive-delights for one] while Pablo sells big cheese-tarts [big massive-delights for sharing… or not].

Both franchises offer the classic nude cheese tarts as well as flavored ones. Seasonal savors and toppings are also available, and you should definitely try them before they are gone. As fragments of Japanese beauty, these tastes are delicate and, unfortunately, ephemeral. I tried the Classic, Matcha, Peach (Momo), and Cherry blossoms (Sakura) versions, and all of them were delicious! When I was living in Kyoto, I bought an entire big-size classic cheese-tart for myself and ate it all without any regrets! I have to admit that I was kind of happy that my sister was not there because I did not want to share…

The essence of these pieces of heaven is so good that falls into Dante’s 10-page description of the unexplainable pleasure of meeting God at the end of The Divine Comedy. The crust is crunchy, layered, and moist; the filling is creamy, sweet, and a tiny bit salty; and the toppings are jammy and yummy! All the flavors are perfectly balanced, and you can feel Pablo’s love in every single tart: Pablo is such a sweet-tart. Big or mini, your mouth will always be surprised at how delicious a cake can be.

If you go to Japan, make sure to buy at least one piece of this work of gastronomic (t)ART.

Finally, since I love Pablo tarts so much, here I dedicate a love serenade for them:

Cheese got a smell that it seems to me
Reminds me of Pablo tarts memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see my pictures
Pablo takes me away to that special place
And if I stare too long, I’d probably break down and cry

Whoa, oh, oh
Cheese-tart o’ mine
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Sweet cake of mine…”

Do you like cheese-tarts? Have you tried Pablo’s? Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

If you liked this cake, share a slice with your friends!

Original song: Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses [obviously] and intervened by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra.

Feature image taken by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra (Alexis Ibarra’s Instagram).

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