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Bakers vs Bakers: Best Disney Movie

In this first segment of Bakers vs Bakers, we [tried to] pick our favorite non-Pixar Disney movie. You will get to know us a little bit better while we explain which one is our favorite movie in this category and why! We hope you like it! Please share your opinion in the comment section!

Enrique Bonilla

There are many Disney movies (animated or not) that I love: Mary Poppins, A Goofy movie, Hocus Pocus, Robin hood, The Muppets (2011 movie, Arkin just remind me the Muppets are actually Disney) and so on; however, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Emperor’s New Groove have a special place in my heart. They don’t have innovating animation, Oscar winning soundtrack, or a transcending moral lesson, but what they are meant to do they do it great.

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, for example, is considered one of the most faithful adaptations of a book made by Disney: it has charming characters, imaginative stories, and above all, if you like the same kind of humor as I do, you won’t stop laughing. The Emperor’s New Groove, as well, is an incredibly well written comedy, it has, on my opinion, the best comic relief character on a Disney movie (Kronk), all the characters contribute incredibly to the movie’s jokes, and it even has reference to Hollywood classics such as Citizen Kane, The Fly (1958) and The Wizard of Oz. Its like watching a Simpsons episode (of the good ones from season 4 to 8) but aimed for kids.

PS: As a matter of fact, once when I was a kid I got stuck on a slide just like Winnie the Pooh after eating all Rabbit’s Honey.


Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

By far, my favorite non-Pixar Disney movie is The Lion King (1994). A lot of people pick their favorite Disney movie driven by melancholy and childhood memories. But, I must admit that I didn’t watch a lot of Disney films when I was little. I had A LOT of Disney toys and clothes, though. I owned the red cassette of The Lion King’s soundtrack, which I listened to in the car before I could even attend kindergarten. I also enjoyed the delicious The Lion King popsicles that looked like a beautiful Savannah Sunset and had gummy bugs! However, I did not watch The Lion King until Middle School or maybe High School: I honestly can’t remember exactly when. But I’m pretty sure that by then, I was already literate enough about movies to differentiate a masterpiece from a great motion picture. Back then, The Lion King caught my eye, and I immediately knew this movie was something else.

NOTE: My text was too long, so I decided to continue my opinion in another article. Click here to read: The Lion King: King of Disney.

You are crazy if you do not agree with this! The Lion King is simply a masterpiece that will prevail against time and haters!

Everybody knows it is based on Hamlet! And a little bit too much on Kimba, the White Lion… hehehe

Adjani Gama Dessavre

Choosing a favourite movie is no easy question. We might even have a different one depending on our mood, at least that is my case. However difficult, the chosen one for me is Christopher Robin. Quoting my brother, Winnie the Pooh is precious, and this movie is beautiful. I believe that the essence of this film lives in my heart forever. It gave me my childhood back in 104 minutes; I can tell you, tears flow every time I watch it. It is full of the joy of life and spiced with most funny situations. It is sweet, it is magical, and it is there to remind us no to ever forget of our inner child. Let’s enjoy life and what is around us, let’s laugh, let’s cry, let’s be silly and laugh of ourselves.

Now, I cannot leave you without some honourable mentions: Enchanted (funny, with music, lovely animation, fantasy and Amy Adams), The Aristocats (everybody wants to be a cat, meow!), and Anastasia (yes, now it is Disney!). Yes, I could go on.

So if you have not watched Cristopher Robin, go now! Maybe even have a double feature night and watch first Enrique’s favourite movie, they go perfectly together (just like us! <3).



土星 Dosei

I’m just too cynical about Disney’s coopting of preexisting stories. I looked up a list, and it had the Little Mermaid on it. Disney steal ideas all the time and then try to claim ownership of them, so I think I’m too cynical to want to write about them in a positive light, even if I like their movies. They stole ideas from the brothers Grimm, who in turn stole them from locals who’d passed down the stories orally for generations. But at least there was some effort in Grimm’s undertaking: they had to track down stories.

Disney is like, “Great idea… Now it’s mine” and “I have more money and better lawyers than you, so you literally will never see justice”. And don’t get me started on how they fucked the whole public domain thing! They’re the entire reason nothing enters the public domain anymore.

Anyway, I really should go to sleep.

Intellectual Property and Public Domain Theft

Cinthia Rico

I had a hard time having to choose my favorite Disney movie, but I realize that, if not my favorite, Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my all-time favorites. It has my favorite Disney song (God help the outcasts), Esmeralda as a gentle and strong woman, who fights with whoever and however for her people no matter what. And of course, has one of the best messages in a Disney movie up to the time it comes out, be yourself and don’t be afraid to show the world who you truly are. Also, f*ck who ever tries make you feel less than you are! (in the end, they might die in a horrible way, so don’t worry ­­­^.^) Besides, WTH with the realness of Frollo! I mean, he’s a cruel and horrible man, but he’s someone you could actually find in your daily life!

I also loooove Tarzan, and I believe it deserves a honorable mention, because ohmigot the music! Phil Collins made an amazing soundtrack that touches our hearts, shine our lives and made us sob at the same time. Jane is a woman of science, she is an ethnologist who also study animals along with his father and even tho’ she has to go back to England, she choose being happy in the wilds of Africa.

Be you!
Be strong!

Ricardo Rico

Coming to this conclusion the first time was hard for me, as I’m in love with The Hunchback of Notre Dame but, in the end, I think that The Great Mouse Detective is my favorite. Not only is it an amazing animation work, it still holds up as an interesting kidnap mystery (I watched it last month).

I think the movie influenced a lot of my likings and led me to know one of my favorite characters today, the unparalleled and self-destructive detective, Sherlock Holmes. At the same time, it’s fascinating how violent the movie is, while there are no explicit deaths shown, we see how a cat devours a mouse and we see Rattigan fall to his doom. At the same time, each scene actually serves a purpose to the movie and you never feel like the movie wastes your time.

I’ve recently been made aware that this is not a that well known movie so, if you haven’t seen it, please do yourself a favor and, after reading and commenting on this, go watch it.

Midnight Tea

Aladdin! Why? Only the diamond in the rough is allowed to enter to the Cave of Wonders. It’s a story that teaches us that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you own: only our heart and our intentions are what define us. This is the magic that lives in everyone, a Genie who lives within us at every single step. So, let the magic work in every single day, and maybe one day you’ll have a smart monkey and a kind magic carpet as friends!

A whole new world! A dazzling place I never knew!! No one to tell us NO! Or where to GO! Or say we are only dreaming!


WordPress sucks, and for some reason, it erased Ranadardo’s amazing opinion… Anyway, the short answer is Atlantis.


Arkin Cisneros

Arriving late at the drawing of the straws, I find myself wondering which my 3rd or 4th favourite Disney movie is. None matches the king: The Lion King (pun intended) and the following places, for me at least, are diluted in mainly honorary mentions:

Muppet Treasure Island: maybe this shouldn’t be in this article, but still, it’s Disney and not Pixar. This movie made me dream of adventures, travelling and exploring, and I blame it completely for my constant Wanderlust. Featuring the best pirate song ever and four of the most brilliant comedians of our time (Tim Curry, Billy Connolly, Kermit the Frog and Gonzo the Great), this film lacks nothing, except maybe more Animal.

Aladdin: Robin Williams, a GENIEus.

Pocahontas: why does Pocahontas receive all the hate? I know it doesn’t reflect actual history and most of the plot is whitewashed, romanticized and a slap in the face of cultural appropriation, but it still has good immigration representation, an environmental reflection and a brilliant message on cultural exchange, at least for a 1995 film. Plus, awesome songs, Meeko + Flit + Grandmother Willow, and the most stressful moment a 4-year-old could conceive as he realizes that Thomas killing Kocoum means war (which to be honest is pretty damn stressful).

When there’s money in the ground, there’s murder in the air…

What is your favorite non-Pixar Disney movie? Please share a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

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Featured image taken from Heroes Battle Mode Game and intervened by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra with Avatars made by Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra on the app Unniedoll for Android and an orange Avatar made by 土星 Dosei on the app Unniepet for Android.

“Winnie the Pooh” picture taken from Google Groups.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” picture taken from Ranker.

“Lion King sketch by Jake Withhall 1&2” pictures taken from 9GAG.

“Winnie the Pooh toys 1-3” pictures taken by Adjani Gama Dessavre.

“Bad Mickey Mouse” image taken from Pinterest.

“Hunchback” picture taken from Pinterest.

“Frollo and Esmeralda” gif taken from We Hear It.

“Atlantis” image taken from Dibujos Walt Disney.

“Aladdin” image taken from E! online.

“Basil and Olivia” taken from Itunes.

“Muppet Treasure Island” taken from The Pirate Empire.

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