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Nier: Automata or how pod 042 made his way into my heart

Where I talk about the latest game in a series where I haven’t played any of the ones that came before it and make a fool of myself.

Ricardo Rico

I must be honest, I regret playing this game without playing the other Yoko Taro games first, so you will have a half-assed view of the game. With that disclaimer out of the way, let us start with a game that I thoroughly enjoyed except for the 9S parts.

The game is set in the distant future where a cataclysmic disease spreads throughout humanity AND aliens attacked with an army of machines to which the humans had to create an army of androids to combat them. Even with the android army to fight back, humanity was driven to escape to the moon, where their headquarters have been located for thousands of years now in the ongoing war against the machines. You play as 2B and 9S, two models of the android army, YorHa, in their quest to facilitate the battle of the androids against the machines. (From left to right in the cover photo: 9S being an idiot, 2B posing for the money shot, and A2 looking swell)

The game starts off kind of basic with a gigantic action sequence as the prologue, but, by the end of it, you encounter that while androids can be destroyed in battle and restored, if you don’t back up your data, your memories will be erased. You lose your partner 9S at the start, only to be paired with the same model but with none of its memories. Under this knowledge, 2B comes off as a distant but caring character, as she understands that while androids can always be reprogrammed, their self is lost every time this happens, and they must be regrown. The game goes deep into what it means to be alive and if being alive is enough to keep going or should you find a reason to keep going. While most of this is surface level analysis, the game has very emotive scenes.

What I need to emphasize is that I might be a bit blinded by my love of Platinum Studios gameplay. While the franchise Nier, and the parallel series Drakengard, are a property of Square Enix, the combat gameplay for this game was made by Platinum, you know, the guys that made Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, and that some of their members worked in the first Devil May Cry, Ookami, and Viewtiful Joe, all of them amazing games. Not to take anything away from Square but Platinum has the better gameplay designers. With that said, let us talk about what makes this gameplay so great.

The gameplay base is an action Role Playing Game, you level up, you get stronger, you equip better weapons, upgrade your weapons, fight against a ton of enemies. There is a chip system that lets you customize how you play, from turning yourself into a walking damage sponge to being a glass cannon, to let your pod do all the work. As it is a Platinum game, you need to remember to master the dodge mechanic, as it is broken and will save your ass more times than not. At the same time, it allows you to counterattack immediately and deal a bunch of damage.

The big difference comes in that 2B can wield two types of weapons, which leads to more varied combos. While 9S can hack enemy units and makes the battles almost too easy. My personal preference is 2B as I hate 9S as a character, even if hacking is super useful.

You should know that the game has a ton of different endings, one for each letter of the alphabet to be exact. Every time you finish a segment with one character, you will get an ending, so be sure to keep playing even after you see the first credits. For you to see most of the story without wondering about the past games, you need to get endings A, B, C, and, my personal favorite that I got, as I didn’t get all of them, was ending E.

I’m going to stop now as this article is intended as just a sneak preview. I thoroughly recommend you get a copy of the game. I played it on PC but a friend of mine told me that the PS4 version is super good, so, pick whichever is easier for you to get. I love you guys and please keep staying safe. For the Glory of Mankind.

By the way, Pod 042 best boi.

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Cover photo taken from Gamesplanet.

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