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The Addams Family: a way of being

Midnight Tea

There are series that bring us good memories and are easy to relate to. Regardless of the generation, some productions simply stay in collective thinking, and one of my favorite ones, my friends, is the case of The Addams Family.

This family challenges what we call “normal” and causes a quick empathy effect on us because it represents everyone and nobody at the same time. In this text, I specifically referred to the series that began in 1964, which marked the beginning of a great story and managed to beat time by achieving the same success during different generations.

The TV series based on Charles Addams’ cartoons presents a peculiar family that looked at the world from another perspective. A two-headed turtle in the living-room, carnivorous plants as pets, a torture room used as a relaxing spa and a headless doll called Marie Antoinette are just a couple of things we can find in their everyday life. They’re a family that is proud of who they are, despite their clash with the “normal” world where they live.

But what makes us identify ourselves with this strange family?

On each episode, we can watch the family facing different stigmas around normality, from children going to school to supporting a political campaign. The conflict between the normality established by society and the essence of the Addams family resulted in a friendly comedy with touches of satire that plays with terror. Using this type of comedy, this show teaches us a big lesson of reality that few dare to speak out.

The family is adamant in their beliefs and respectful to the ones of others. They are proud of who they are, without judging themselves with the norms society tries to impose on them. This gives them the freedom that very few know, the freedom of being oneself, the freedom we all want, but not many are brave enough to look for.

I think it’s easy to relate to this family because it makes us feel a little bit of that freedom. In every episode, we can learn a great life lesson: normality is our reality, our values, and our identity, but we should always respect the freedom of others to be who they are. For this reason, I would like to finish this article with one of Morticia Addams’ most significant phrases: “Normal is an illusion. What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly”.

The biggest lesson here is that, since everybody is weird in their own way, just keep being yourself and be proud of it!

Have you watched the original series or are you a fan of the Addams Family? Please share with us, the bakers, a slice of your opinion in the comment section below! The Cake is always thrilled to read about your thoughts!

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Feature image (gif) taken from Taringa!

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