Banana Monkey Cake

Buffy the Cake Slayer

Adjani Gama Dessavre

Here I am with another Joss Whedon cake. There are fantasy, magic, monsters and real vampires (not shiny ones). And what am I talking about? Nonetheless that of Buffy the cake slayer! I mean, the vampire slayer!

Right out from the ’90s, this marvellous series tells us the story of Buffy, a teenager whos just moved into Sunnydale after finding out she is the vampire slayer. That is right, THE vampire slayer and not a vampire slayer. In this universe, there is only one vampire slayer alive at a time (also, it is always a woman), and a new one arises when the previous one dies.

In this new town, which, clearly, turns out to be the place where the hell’s mouth is, she meets new friends. So together, Buffy and her friends, also known as the Scooby gang, defeat monsters to save the world from Apocalipsis on several occasions. In the beginning, they fight only vampires, but soon they find out there are also demons, frightening creatures, witches (which turn out to be incredible), and so many other things.

It has all you can ask from a ’90s show, including love stories. A forbidden love, obviously. If you have not watched it, remember the name Angel. If you are easily touched by situations on shows, I am not responsible if tears are shed.

In comparison to other cheesy and shallow vampire love stories, here there is character development. Also, vampires really are monsters and what distinguishes them is that they’ve lost their souls, but I’ll let you find out for yourselves all of their characteristics (if you haven’t watched the show).

Additionally, the other characters are really interesting as well, they evolve, they have different layers. My favourite being the fantastic, intelligent and geeky Willow <3. Even vampires are different, so you don’t only get the evil, dark and power-driven creature. For example, I like the crazy Drusilla and the erratic and unpredictable Spike.

Also, because there are so many monsters, it is full of makeup and effects. You can notice how they improve over time; however, I find there is something quite enchanting about ’90s effects, even if they are not realistic.

Al throughout the series, you can see that the story is well planned. However, it has a previous story ina movie from 1992 (also from Joss Whedon). It has different actors and tells the beginning of the slayer. To be honest, I do not love the movie as much. The series is definitely better.

In the story, you can feel how things are connected, and it is full of unbelievable plot twists. Also, I am not kidding, there is more than one apocalypse that almost destroys the earth. Furthermore, there are some brilliant episodes. You will not believe it, there even is a musical episode (which I absolutely adore! I know all the songs by heart…).

So if you are looking for a fantastic and long series to watch these days, I recommend Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It will intrigue you, you will laugh, cry, and overall you will enjoy it if you love fantasy.

I will comment about a couple of things more, but they are full of spoilers. Do not keep reading if you have not finished the series. So if you have seen the whole series, enjoy, and let me know if you agree.

Featured image: picture taken by me. Yes, those are my monsters pjs.

*********SPOILERS AHEAD**********

So, I told you love stories in this show are great. Mainly, Willow related ones. First, you will recall there is Oz, the werewolf. Then there is Tara, the witch. Both deep and magical relationships, full of development and the act of knowing the other. You can see the love grow, and both time those relationships end, you feel entirely heartbroken. Because if they can make it, then who can?

So what the fuck with Willow’s ending? I would prefer her being single. Why did she have to end in such a shallow relationship? She meets this other girl, which happens to be the other lesbian in the room (so clearly they MUST end up together). They have a date and a nice night. I’m not judging that, but it seemed like a one stand kind of thing. And then, randomly, in a couple of episodes, they are a deep couple with no real relationship development whatsoever. It would have been better to either not having that happening or let it as something that is just beginning.

Sorry, I needed to complain. I am a Joss Whedon fan, but that does not mean I blindly agree with all of his decisions.

Another comment, there is an Angel spin-off series which I have not watched. However, there are some interactions between both series, it might be fun to watch them at the same time if you manage to sync them.

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