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About Fluffy, Flat, and Choking Hazard [Pan]Cakes

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

All my life, I had the idea that good pancakes could only be those fluffy perfectly tanned pancakes everybody has seen in American Movies. Those that can easily be made by Aunt Jemimah but not by Betty Crocker. In my family, both breakfast and dinner are Pancake-time, but for most, it’s just a breakfast thing (which is pretty sad to me). Granted, all-day is Pancake-time in iHOP, but iHOP sucks in my country (unpopular opinion, I know), so I’ll stick to my family’s traditional Pancake-time.

My Family’s Extremely Delicious Pancakes Made With Love! ❤
Now With Syrup! ❤

Eventually, life taught me that there are tons of varieties of pancakes, so, I had to write about the ones I have already tried (in the end, this is The Cake, so [pan]cakes should not be left behind). It was only because of social media that I got to know about the existence of the super thick and fluffy Japanese pancakes. Kawaii!!! They looked delicious and so damn cute! So, of course, when I went to Japan, I tried them. They were a surprise for me, of course. HOWEVER, my biggest pancaky surprise so far has been to find out that there exists a super-thin, flat kind of pancake in Denmark (probably it’s a Viking thing). These Scandinavian pancakes look almost like crêpes, but they are a tiny bit thicker, so perhaps the French would choke with them after confusing them with their national speciality.

That’s kind of what happened to me in Japan with their extra fluffy pancakes. “Rejection” and the act of choking are a universal response when you encounter strange pancakes that deviate from how you are used to eating them. Japanese fluffy pancakes are truly kawaii on pictures and in real life, but they are also a choking hazard. So, when you try them, be sure to have enough butter, syrup, and lots of liquids, and prepare to have a plate of super dense dough. Still, this pancaky experience is worth the danger! Japanese take tons of selfies, so it is only culturally respectful that you do as Japanese and take your respective pic with your extremely kawaii, yet dangerous, pancakes!

Japanese [Extremely] Fluffy Pancakes! [WARNING! Choking Hazard]
Picture From The Top!

It was just until a few months ago that I went to Denmark and tried the flat pancakes! No, not like those that are mediocre American-styled pancakes that don’t rise nor crêpes, but in fact, delicious super-thin pancakes. I was extremely lucky that my Danish (or Scandinavian) pancakes were cooked by an amazing chef/grandmother. So, it was a delightful meal. For me, they are still more crêpes than pancakes; for French, they are probably more pancakes than crêpes; for Danes (or Scandinavians), they are just pancakes. BUT I’m sure that for all of us, THEY ARE EXTREMELY DELICIOUS! So, if you ever go to Scandinavia, don’t skimp on warm boots, drink hot cocoa, and try the Viking pancaky experience!

Flat Viking Pancake Being Flat and Delicious!

Flat Viking Pancake stuffed and ready to eat!
It even has a lovely heart! ❤

Have you tried any other kind of pancakes? Please share with The Cake, your pancaky experiences! We never have enough information and suggestions about cakes!

Featured image recovered from Society6.

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