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Happy Mexican Children’s Day!

A Special Issue to Celebrate Children’s Day in Mexico

Today, April 30th, Mexico celebrates Children’s Day. All of us, The Cake | us vs reality bakers, decided to bake a special cake in honor of every geek kid out there, as well as our geek inner child. We have sweetened this cake with special memories of our childhoods! ❤

Every baker prepared a slice of this delicious cake with love, and we hope you enjoy every piece of it!

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

I basically grew up with the amazing Nintendo 64! ❤

Mario 64 was probably THE GAME that made me become a gamer.

I remember playing Mendel Palace before that, which a beautiful game as well, but Mario left a huge impression on me.

That cake looks extremely delicious!
Image from: Moogle Pie

I was extremely little when I played it for the first time, and I can say it is still one of my favorite games EVER. From time to time, my older siblings let me play, and, since I was just a tiny little mushroom with a mushroom hair-style, I thought that I had to move my feet, so Mario could move! That or I was just too invested on it and mimicked him (VR right there, isn’t it?). The lovely story, the cute graphic design, and the extremely bright colors are just so happy and beautiful that it is hard not to remember it eveytime I talk about my childhood. I have to admit that that super cute Bowser used to terrify me!

My parents were so impressed and loved the game, so they kept buying videogames for us! BTW, they still remember every song and know what Mario is doing just by listening to the sounds!

However, I can’t obviate the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time consolidated my love for gaming. I have great memories of waking up super early to play before school, as well as playing at my grandma’s house. It’s funny, but, after those beautiful days, everytime I said to her that I was playing videogames, she replied by saying:

“Oh! The one with the boy in green that runs?”

The boy in green [not] running!
Image from: Back to the Games

I can’t forget the smile on her face everytime she said that! ❤

Another happy gamer kid memory:

Donkey Kong 64, the yellow cartridge!

Cinthia Rico

I would like to share with you my favorite TV show from when I was a kid. And it made me realize that horror stories will be part of my life F O R E V E R.

I’m talking abour Courage the cowardly dog ❤ I was 4 year old when the first transmission was on in Cartoon Network® and oh gosh I loved it! I actually remember coming back from kindergarden at 1:30ish PM and sit on the sofa watching two chapters of this awesomeness!

Image from: Weheartit.

And well yeah, I was young, and some of the chapters obviously gave me nightmares, but I couldn’t help it. Dude, the hero was a pink awkward dog, whose only wish is to keep his family safe; and while doing it, has to deal with a bunch of paranormal stuff that obviously are trying to kill Eustace, Muriel and, evidently, Courage, mostly Courage. And when I say kill I do mean kill, as in kidnaped them, eat them, sacrifice them, turn them into puppets, snowmen or into junkies adicted to flan.

And everything works so nicely, I mean, yeah the things use to scare the shit out of me, but it was fine because Courage can handle them no matter what. As matter a fact, most of my stories are based in this, a hero, not flawless but brave, selfless and with a goal so pure that nothing can stop him.

Adjani Gama Dessavre

On the geek side of life, most people know me as a bookworm, but the reason I love books so much is that I love stories. But how I came to love stories so much? That goes all the way back to my childhood, and videogames are responsible. It was before I could even read properly. In my family, I am the little sister, so as a toddler, I was a victim of the disconnected game controller when “playing” with my brother.

However, I also used to watch him play so many videogames. I would find the stories so intriguing that I would invent my endings, characters, and other plots. I was not the one playing (at least not at that age), but I felt part of the game. I would comment with my brother and spend hours thinking about those worlds and the infinite possibilities.

I remember two videogames that thrilled me. The first one is Mario RPG. It made me so happy with all the characters, the music, the colours, the designs, and, obviously, the story. I remember asking my brother to play again the part where there are mini-dolls of the characters. ❤

Image from: Pinterest.

For the second one, I was slightly older (around 9 years old), it is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. By that time, I already played video games on my own. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that one first when my brother played it. Also, by that time I met a person that till the day is one of my best friends. We spent hours playing Legend of Zelda themed games during recess. We even learned to write Hylian and learned all the legends and music. ❤

Ricardo Rico

While all my articles so far have been about video games, I’m also a big fan of animation. My favorite cartoon growing up and even to this day is Invader Zim.

Image from: Consequence of Sound

While Enter the Florpus was not as satisfying as I would have liked, it was still an entertaining movie. The show, on the other hand, is still one of the funniest shows ever concieved. It contains the right amount of studity, existential dread, and fun characters that you grow and love.

Arkin Cisneros

As a kid I didn’t own a console and my access to videogames was quite limited. I was constrained to PC games which the family computer could run or games I played when my friends invited me over. Fair enough, I did have quite a lot of exposure to amazing videogames, but I was left out of some of the more popular experiences like playing Ocarina of Time on the N64.

Image from: PC Gaming Wiki

So the day I saw a game on a shelf with Playmobil figurines which I had never heard of, but had a review which stated “The Legend of Zelda for PC”, my curiosity was piqued. As I started playing, I realised I had encountered something different. It’s basically everything that’s amazing about a medieval action RPG: Knights, dragons, magic and castles (and time travel!), but also love, death, friendship, revenge, conspiracies and politics. At age 10, I had never played a game with this depth of characters, an amazing plot, astounding original music. Added bonus: Playmobil everywhere!

Even if nowadays it feels outdated and simplistic, I can honestly (and obviously with the most objective point of view) say this is one of the super-duper bestest videogames ever made (that’s not my inner child speaking, not at all!)

Enrique Bonilla Morales

As a child, I didn’t have many friends. I was a chubby little kid, and I suffered from bullying sometimes. I had constant anxiety, and my grades were bad (I assume now it was because of anxiety). However, every time I felt bad I could always turn and ask for help to a friendly neighbourhood: Spiderman.

I remember with special affection those Sunday evenings when my mom and dad took me to a magazine store in my hometown and bought me an issue of the Amazing Spiderman. Those Saturday mornings when I spent hours watching how Spidey fought the green goblin, Kingpin, or Venom in his 90s animated series. The time when my tonsils were removed, and the first thing I saw when I woke up from surgery was my dad with two little figures for me, one of Venom and one of Spiderman.

I made my first true friend thanks to Spiderman: Toño and I spent hours discussing which Spiderman villain was the most powerful and which of its abilities was the best. One of my favourite summer vacations was when I travelled to the recently opened Island of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, and I could ride the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Surely I had some sad moments as a child. Still, when I was afraid of something, or I felt I could not stand one more trouble, Spiderman was there to remind me that I was not alone. To remind me that as long as I had a pure heart, I would have an enormous power inside me with, obviously, great responsibilities.


Children’s Day brings back such fond memories. A much simpler time, when my greatest worry was beating the evil King K. Rool in DKC or finding all the jiggies to defeat Gruntilda with the help of jinjos in Banjo-Kazooie, my childhood was filled with Rare stories, literally and figuratively. I remember getting together with my cousins to play Goldeneye 007 and striving to get the Golden Gun, or soaring through the skies on a tiny toy airplane piloted by none other than Diddy Kong himself. All of these games have one thing in common: they were all developed by Rareware.

Rareware Logo from the SNES-N64 era
Image from: Nintendo Life.

The perfect union between Nintendo and Rare produced marvellous games with endearing characters, intriguing plots, fantastic music, and hilarious dialogues (which unbeknownst to me, introduced that little froglet to British humour). I cannot recall any other developer, apart from Nintendo, that would produce that feeling of joy and anticipation on me, so much so that I would buy magazines (yes, back then we didn’t have the Internetz) just to see if they had announced a new game. The last home console game I played by the British company was Star Fox Adventures, a completely different take on the franchise which had more elements of TLoZ than of Star Fox itself, but which was by no means less entertaining and exciting. I must confess I felt rather disappointed after I heard the news about the company going over to work with Microsoft.

Luckily, a last glimpse of that geniality was seen in Smash Bros. with the inclusion of Banjo and Kazooie to the roster. I felt like a child again, seeing one of my favourite videogame characters join with the rest of the gang, the piece of the puzzle that was missing. This small piece does not make justice to every wonderful moment I lived playing all those games for hours. Thank you, Rare, for making my childhood a true adventure.

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