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FUNNIME: A Lousy, Terrible Descriptive Pun I Just Invented for the Fabulous LOL Anime Asobi Asobase

Alexis Ibarra-Ibarra

I started watching pretty basic and popular anime when I was a kid, like almost everyone. Still, I didn’t continue progressing towards achieving a refined personal taste on not-so-popular anime later on because I’m more of a gamer. When I was little, I liked Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Sakura Card Captors, and other simple stuff they used to present on TV. I enjoyed Spirited Away, and it immediately became one of my favorite movies. In middle school, I watched the heartbreaking Sola. In college, I watched the outstanding Death Note and, as a wise person, decided to stop after watching the first episode of the third season (because EW). I watched Attack on Titan and other stuff: all of them were really good, but pretty dark as well. Almost all anime, I watch[ed], except for Sola, have been recommended by someone I care about.   

They know me, so they know that I love dark, dramatic, violent, monstrous, and depressing stuff. Therefore, most of my friends had recommended me that kind of programs. However, I also like cute, corny, funny, happy, and kawaii things. Thankfully, one of my best friends reintroduced me to that part of anime almost a year and a half ago, and since, I’ve been watching tons of different shows with him (dark and light).


I have to admit I wasn’t so sure about it when we started watching it. The premise was simple and sounds a little bit boring: three middle school girls create a lame “Passtimer” club.

I didn’t realize how funny this anime was until I was almost falling from my chair and lacking air, not because of coronavirus, but because of LOLing (ingX2) so damn hard. This is my way of saying that this show really takes you by surprise. I didn’t even have a chance to reflect on the remarkable and absurd comedy embedded in this anime, I just wanted to keep watching and get adamantium abs from it. Probably, my friend is now a little bit deaf because I laughed so hard while we were on Discord.  

I’m not planning to explain the show here, not because of spoilers, but because it’s so nonsensical that I cannot even explain it. If you are tired of watching and listening to bad news everywhere, just go and watch the 12 episodes, OVA, and specials of this FUNNIME! (Available on Gogoanime if you want to watch it online for free).

Featured image taken from Gogoanime

Disclaimer: As I already mentioned, I am discovering my own taste in anime through my friends. I do take all responsibility for the crappy puns and lousy jokes you read here. However, if I post something about me enjoying some atrocious anime, blame my friends. If that’s not the case and you love what I love, it’s OBVIOUSLY all on me. 😉

TINY SPOILER: Gobdwarfs are a thing.

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