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Super Nintendo World: The Mushroom Kingdom Opens its Doors

#WE ARE MARIO!! Unleash your passion to play!
Images recovered from USJ: Universal Studios Japan website.


What better way so start this blog series than with an entry about every (Nintendo) gamer’s dream: experiencing Super Mario World first hand, in real life. Yes, you read that right, you will be able to live inside your favourite Mario game at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan this coming Summer. That is, of course, if God loses the match of Plague Inc. He’s in right now. Originally set to open its doors on the 24 th of July 2020 right before the start of the (now postponed) Olympic games, Super Nintendo World promises to provide all of the videogame
heavyweight’s fans with a fantastic adventure.

The park promises an innovative and immersive experience, including a Mario Kart ride that “puts you in the driver’s seat”, and a Yoshi themed attraction for the whole family. The most exciting part, however, seems to be the so-called “Power-up Band”, an accessory you can acquire to make your experience at the park fully interactive. This wristband, along with the park’s app, will allow visitors to participate in exciting activities such as collecting coins and stars by hitting ? Blocks (yes, the ones from the games) and cooperative battles against the evil Koopa army. And better yet, different designs showing the likes of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, among others, will be available to suit each visitor’s personal taste.

Again, it is unclear, given the current situation, when the park will be open to the public, but if you ask for my opinion, I would say this will be better than VR, and I personally cannot wait to meet some of my most beloved videogame characters in person. Get your red cap ready, here we go!

Link to announcement
Link to official website

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